Our Story

Big Mike - founder of Big Mike's Smokehouse

Mike Martin (Big Mike)

Growing up in 1970’s Newport News, Virginia, Mike Martin’s passion for great food and genuine hospitality was ignited during his visits to Sammy & Nick’s, a beloved family restaurant. After long days of baseball, swimming, and football, Mike and his family would frequent Sammy & Nick’s, where they were greeted with warm smiles and treated like cherished friends by the owners, brothers Sammy, Steve, and George.

The personal connection they shared with every customer left a lasting impression on Mike. He fondly recalls engaging conversations about baseball and relishing the mouthwatering cheeseburgers and unforgettable fries that Sammy & Nick’s served up with flair.

Inspired by the welcoming atmosphere and exceptional dining experience, Mike knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in the restaurant business. Fast forward to today, and Mike has turned that childhood dream into reality with the creation of Big Mike’s Smokehouse.

At Big Mike’s, it’s more than just about the food – it’s about fostering a sense of community and treating every guest like family. Drawing from his own experiences, Mike ensures that each customer feels valued and appreciated, just as he did at Sammy & Nick’s. Whether he’s chatting about sports, sharing his love for America, or simply connecting with patrons on a personal level, Mike brings that same warmth and sincerity to every interaction.

Chef Evan Davis - Big Mike's Smokehouse

Evan Davis ~ Chef

Chef Evan Davis embarked on his culinary journey in 2012 while completing his biomedical sciences degree at Auburn University. Over the next three years, he cultivated his first business in Georgia and Alabama. After selling his company in 2015, Evan relocated to the emerald coast, where he honed his skills at local restaurants before briefly exploring a career in sports media. In 2019, Evan returned to his passion for cooking, serving as a sous chef for a local restaurant group and private catering company until 2024. His culinary prowess has garnered recognition, with features on the Cooking Channel and multiple public choice awards from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. During his culinary endeavors, Evan crossed paths with Mike Martin in a kitchen, discovering a shared vision and camaraderie. This connection led to the creation of Big Mike’s Smokehouse, where their culinary talents converge to offer unforgettable barbecue experiences.